How our candles are made

Design and Innovation

Years of experience and the constant contact we have with our customers coupled with innovative ideas inspired by changing home and décor and fragrance trends allows us to keep our range relevant and fresh.

Our superior fragrances, careful craftsmanship and contemporary designs, along with over 14 years of experience in manufacturing, allows us to produce a wide range of products that reflect our expertise and commitment to excellence. To suit your design needs, we offer our candles in a wide range of colours, some of which change seasonally to reflect the latest trends. This wide range of colour choices and finishes allows you to create an aesthetic that fits your lifestyle

Use of the best Materials

All of our candles are carefully handmade by local people, allowing these women and men to feed and clothe their families. All our candles are made using a different type of pouring process with some being poured into glass and others requiring moulds. Some are coloured, others plain. Wicks may be cotton or wood and have differing wick to wax ratio.

Once these candles have been made they are smoothed off, polished and expertly finished off to create the perfect smooth candle. Wicks are trimmed and candles are then moved to packing area.


Once candles arrive in the packing area, great care is taken to apply warning labels and wrap and box each candle before the courier arrives to collect deliveries to go to store.


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