Cocooning with Candles

Use our tips below to create a cocooning atmosphere in your home with our gorgeous scented candles.

  • Create a space that invites you to relax using a scent that relaxes you and that reflects your personality. Choose scented candles that greet you as you enter your home.
  • Concentrate on where you spend the most time and make it cozy. Don’t skimp on the soft furnishings like cushions and blankets and keep to candle scents that are the same or match. Put together a couple of candles in a nice arrangement on your coffee table to create interest and add to the scent in the room. Keep things simple.
  • The bathroom too is the perfect place for candles. This is where you can relax and slough off the concerns of the day. Either use the side of the bath or use a small side table just for candles. For a relaxing atmosphere light them up just before getting into the bath to enjoy the soothing glow of the flames and the gorgeous scents.
  • Throw one of our scented bath bombs into your bath to add even more scent and luxury to bath-time.
  • Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Create a sense of well-being and comfort using soft light, candles and soft furnishing. Relax.
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