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Charisma Classic Bath bombs
& Votive Candle sets

The Charisma Classic range of home fragrance and bath & body products offers 6 distinctive scents catering to unique preferences, from rich and warm to fresh and uplifting. Like our other ranges, the Charisma Classic range is made using the finest fragranced oil imported exclusively for Charisma.

Only 100% cotton wicks are used in the production of the candles which are hand poured using the finest quality natural wax blend while only high quality imported fibrous reeds are used in the Charisma Classic diffusers.

NEW to this range are our new 3 Votive Candle and Bath Bomb sets! 

Packed as a set of 3 these lovely candle and bath bomb sets with their luxurious fragrances are now available to order.

These lovely little candles will fill your home with their lingering aroma while our luxury bath bombs are made by hand using the finest oils and fragrances and are sure to make bath time special time. They contain Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) known to soften rough, dry skin, and exfoliate dead skin cells as well as sodium bicarbonate to soften water and make skin feel soft and silky.

Both can be given as gifts for special occasions or just to show someone you care.


Soft herbal notes of chamomile with a hint of apple blend gently with those of bergamot and lily of the valley on a musky base. Sense the calm and harmony.


Top notes of pink pepper and bergamot lead to a heart of jasmine and rose with rich base notes of patchouli, tonka beans and vanilla.


Warm, intense top notes of aromatic oudh lead to a heart of rose, geranium and jasmine then entwine with the light scent of bergamot blossom and citrus on a woody base to create a sense of Eastern mystery.


Clean notes of sea air and luscious citrus blend with the woody, musky base notes of samphire to create an uplifting fresh scent of ocean, seashells and driftwood.


Relax, inhale deeply and experience exotic Morocco where the sweet rich scent of sun ripened figs mixes with that of sensual earthy spices and exotic woods to perfume the desert air. Velvety warmth.


Escape to paradise as creamy sensuous notes of frangipani and white lily blend with powdery soft scents of Hyacinth and jasmine.

Poured by hand in Cape Town

Cocooning with Candles

  • Use our tips below to create a cocooning atmosphere in your home with our gorgeous scented candles.
  • Create a space that invites you to relax using a scent that relaxes you and that reflects your personality. Choose scented candles that greet you as you enter your home.
  • Concentrate on where you spend the most time and make it cozy. Don’t skimp on the soft furnishings like cushions and blankets and keep to candle scents that are the same or match.  Put together a couple of candles in a nice arrangement on your coffee table to create interest and add to the scent in the room. Keep things simple.
  • The bathroom too is the perfect place for candles. This is where you can relax and slough off the concerns of the day. Either use the side of the bath or use a small side table just for candles. For a relaxing atmosphere light them up just before getting into the bath to enjoy the soothing glow of the flames and the gorgeous scents. Throw one of our scented bath bombs into your bath to add even more scent and luxury to bathtime. 

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Create a sense of well-being and comfort using soft light, candles and soft furnishing. Relax.

The products and the scents in which they are available are listed above.

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