Provence Range – Wild Lily Collection

Following the stream, she softly winds her way under the dappled light and dancing leaves of her beloved reading-tree and settles down beside the water. Here she can breathe, can set her scented thoughts free, to explore. Worlds, words, ideas…soar…come alive in the pages of her book. The day slows to here, now. To this. A gentle breeze caresses the meadows carrying with it the heady scent of wild lilies. She sighs, bliss.

Inspired by this sensual floral fragrance, Charisma’s Wild Lily range will add a wonderful ambiance to your living space. 

This range is made using the finest fragranced oil imported exclusively for Charisma.

Only 100% cotton wicks are used in the production of these candles which are hand poured using the finest quality natural wax blend and only high quality imported fibrous reeds are used in this diffuser. 

Made in Cape Town

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