Naturals Collection

The Charisma Naturals range is a range of both scented and unscented products made using 100% essential oils available in different segments:

Home fragrances:

Choose from our range of natural and softly scented home fragranceproducts including candles, diffusers and room sprays to freshen and add ambiance to your living space

Bath and Body:

While Charisma Naturals Body Scrubs will exfoliate your skin leaving it soft and moisturised, our Bath Salts can be used to help you feel revitalised or relaxed. Charisma Naturals Shea butter and lip balm are unscented and offer intense moisturisation for delicate skin.

Bug repellent:

Charisma Naturals candles made from Citronella essential oils repel insects without the use of chemicals. Citronella bug repellent candles are also available in a tin and handy travel size.

Product Information